And this weak and idle theme, No more yielding but a dream

– Epilogue from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare


Dream is a triptych of songs all inspired by fantasy.

Author and dancer Lou Poletti’s draconic pub ballad ‘De Kio Yami’, has been sitting on my desk to set to music for five years – it a joy to finally bring her dragon bard, Altia, to life.

Charlotte Mew’s ‘I So Liked the Spring’ reflects on the whimsy, heartache and nostalgia of love now lost, as well as the ability to carry on ‘as the thrushes do…’

Finally Dream’s Epilogue began life as an exercise to banish ‘composer’s block’. An old habit was to grab my complete works of Shakespeare and pick random text to set. Maybe Shakespeare mocks me here in his epilogue to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ‘and this weak and idle theme’. Perhaps it’s only fitting this song is one I chose to sing myself.

So this is my musical offering; to characters seeking life, to spurned lovers needing solace, to struggling creators wanting a break, ultimately to dreams.


  1. De Kio Yami
  2. I So Liked the Spring
  3. Dream’s Epilogue


ComposerCameron Lam
SopranoAmelia Golding
PianoJosephine Allan
Classical GuitarJosinaldo Costa
Sound EngineerJayson McBride
Album ArtLuke Moseley
<strong>CAMERON LAM</strong>

Cameron Lam is a freelance composer, the Artistic Director of Sydney-based hybrid-art production company, Kammerklang, and the Art Music Specialist at the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA AMCOS). After completing his Bachelor of Music Composition (Honours) at the Sydney Conservatorium, Cameron’s career has focused on collaboration, interdisciplinary practice, and entrepreneurship. 

He is proud to be an Australian Music Centre represented composer, Fine Music 102.5FM’s 2018 Stephen Kruger Scholar, and featured in US publisher NewMusicShelf’s recent ‘Anthology of New Music for Mezzo Soprano’.