Release Artists

<strong>CAMERON LAM</strong>

Cameron Lam’s approach to composition is influenced by game designer, Mark Rosewater and American theatre director, Anne Bogart. Both advocate the role and experience of the player in artistic expression, leading him to create pieces with more interaction and agency for the performer.

His music draws inspiration from mythology, video games, and cross-artform collaboration, and has been described as “a fantastic world in which mythological stories come to life” by Australia’s Limelight Magazine.

<strong>PEGGY POLIAS</strong>

Peggy Polias explores the influences of Javanese Gamelan, minimalism, feminism, fractals and handicrafts in her music, and takes a keen interest in the possibilities for music in the online space.

<strong>LUCY KONG</strong>

Lucy Kong is a composer, producer, and singer/songwriter. In addition to her extensive catalogue of original work Lucy is a sought-after collaborator across an impressive range of global projects with leaders from the film, gaming and J-pop markets.