Kammerklang 2009


Kammerklang 2009
May 28, 2009
Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Music Workshop
Music/Visual Art


A collaboration between established and emerging performers, composers and visual artists, Kammerklang 2009 is the first iteration of an annual concert project. 7 composers, 20 performers and more than 10 visual artists have been brought together to produce one of the most exciting student-based initiatives in contemporary Australian art.

Come and experience the atrium of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music transformed into an art gallery. The exhibition will include works, created in response to the concert program, by professional artists and students from Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney) and the College of Fine Arts (University of NSW).

Acclaimed, Sydney-based percussionist Claire Edwardes will premiere percussion solos: The Colour of Woods and New Ecstasies, and for solo and percussion and chamber orchestra: The Styx, accompanied by the Kammerklang Chamber Orchestra.



– Orphic Hymn #3: To Nyx (The Night) by Cameron Lam (soprano, baritone, chamber orchestra, 2009)*
[text translated by Karl Hand]
– The Styx by Peter McNamara (solo percussion, chamber orchestra, 2009)*
– The Colour of Woods by Cameron Lam (percussion, 2009)*
– Koniuchy by Jason Pestana (flute, percussion, cello, 2009)*
– The Beginning of the End by Jason Pestana (baritone, chamber orchestra, 2009)*
– Minimalism Isn’t Dead… by Amy Bastow (2 percussion, piano, keybaord, 2009)*
– New Ecstasies by Chris Williams (percussion, 2009)*
– Amid Your Candles and Lilies by Chris Williams (flute, strings, 2009)*
– The Moon by Peggy Polias (chamber orchestra, 2007/9)*
– Chamber Concerto by Stuart Greenbaum (flute, percussion, chamber orchestra, 2008)

1420018867_internt_web_technology-09-128  Kammerklang 2009 CD available

*world premiere performance


coming soon

Guest Artist:

Percussion: Claire Edwardes


Conductor: Hoshimi Sakai

Flutes: Shaun Barlow
Oboe: Toby Thatcher
Clarinet: Toby Armstrong
Bassoon: Jakab Kaufmann
Horn: Seb Dunn

Soprano: Emma Moore
Baritone: Morgan Pearse

Percussion: Daniel Luscombe
Piano: Jacob Abela
Keyboard: Amy Bastow

Violins: Colin Triplone, Justin Leong, Carol Tang, Adam Wasiel
Violas: Tara Hashambhoy, John Fahy
Cellos: Emma Travena, Julienne Guerbois
Double Bass: Steve Adler, James Menzies

Production Team:

Artistic Director: Cameron Lam
Curator: Victoria Bradley
Graphic Designer: Jesse Brown
Sound Engineer: Jayson McBride