Kammerklang Ablaze

KK_Ablaze_logo_headerKammerklang Ablaze
June 6, 2014
Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Music Workshop
Music/Visual Art/Dance

New music and hybrid-art production company, Kammerklang presents Ablaze, a fire-themed birthday gig celebrating five years of creating music, art, dance and theatre.

Over the past 5 years, Kammerklang has commissioned and presented 30 new musical works by 18 different composers, for forces ranging from solos to 21-piece chamber orchestras. 30 new artworks by 20 different visual artists have been presented in various media, including multiple video works, live dance and even circus performance.

Kammerklang Ablaze features many of our favourite pieces and artworks from over the years and we’re very excited to showcase the new work our amazing composers and artists have produced for our fifth birthday. The project draws on all the Kammerklang artforms; chamber music, visual art, film, dance and theatre, cross-pollinating ideas to create an amazing and unique experience.


– The Colour of Woods by Cameron Lam (solo percussion, 2009)
– Daemon: The Pride of Difference by Cameron Lam (EWI & string quartet, 2014)*
– Amid Your Candles and Lilies by Chris Williams (flute & string orchestra, 2009)
– Polyhymnia by Chris Williams (double bass & electronics, 2014)*
– Electro Fractal Gamalan by Peggy Polias (vibraphone & electronics, 2011)
– Phlogiston by Peggy Polias (flute, clarinet & string quartet, 2014)*
– Requiem for Those Lost in Cyberspace by Sam Gillespie (EWI & electronics, 2011)
– Majesty, Destruction & Eternal Slumber by Sam Gillespie (percussion & string quartet, 2014)*
– Vitality’s Circuit Grind by Lucy Kong (electronics, 2010)
– Kaleidoscope by Lucy Kong (electronics, 2014)*

*world premiere performance


– The Unravelling by Jesse Brown (Pencils, 2010)
– Aurora by Jesse Brown (Pencils, 2014)
– Phlogiston by Keith Chidzey (Fire art, video, 2009)
– ElectorFractalGamelon by Keith Chidzey (Fire art. video, 2014)
– Bisous by Sarah Funnell (Ink on card, puppetry, (2010)
– New Work by Sarah Funnell (Ink on card, 2014)
– Demon Lord by Luke Moseley (Digital painting, 2009)
-The Trickster by Luke Moseley (Digital painting, 2014)
– Hydra by Vanessa Yeoman (Sculpture, 2010)
– App Man by Vanessa Yeoman (Painting, 2014)

Performance Art:

– New Dance Work by Georgia Sekulla
– New Performance Art Work by Marissa Yeo


Flute: Jane Bishop
Clarinet/EWI: Peter Smith
Percussion: Kaylie Dunstan
Violins: Victoria Jacono, Victor Wu, Perrin Walker, Ainsley Warner
Violas: Darius Kaparonis, John Fahy
Cellos: George Cayas, Andrea Hissey
Double Bass: Rory Brown

Production Team:

Artistic Director: Cameron Lam
Sound Engineer: Jayson McBride
Graphic Designer: Luke Adrian Moseley
Photographer: Hayden Shepherd

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