Kammerklang Vox

Kammerklang Vox
May 26-28, 2010
Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Music Workshop
Music/Visual Art/Dance


The Kammerklang Chamber Orchestra with guest artists, Jenny Duck-Chong and Alison Morgan (Halcyon) presents a program of 8 new Australian pieces for voices, ensemble and electronics by 6 young and emerging Australian composers, based on texts from 6 Australian writers.

Accompanying the concert are 18 visual artworks each based on one of the pieces in program conceptualised and created by young Australian artists. This exhibition, presented in the foyer and atrium of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, also features twice Dobell-shortlisted artist, Robyn Yeoman.

An extension of last year’s Kammerklang Chamber Orchestra Project, Kammerklang Vox features a larger ensemble (including Harp, Saxophone and Percussion), a larger exhibition (filling the Foyer and Atrium of the Conservatorium of Music) and twice the concerts.


– Orphic Hymn #9: To Selene (The Moon) by Cameron Lam (soprano, mezzo soprano, chamber orchestra, 2010)*+
[text translated by Karl Hand]
– Zmey Lipa by Damian Griffin (voice, chamber orchestra, 2010)*
[based on two short stories by Jacqueline Brocker]
– Empty Shells by Pedro Oliveira (soprano, chamber orchestra, 2010)*
[text by Vanessa Yeoman]
– …of mind… by Pedro Oliveira (piano, string orchestra, 2010)*
– Resonance by Owen Salome (soprano, mezzo soprano, two chamber ensembles, 2010)*
 [text by Ella Salome]

– Zasranej Kus by Owen Salome (flute, harp, cello, 2010)*
– Dual by Felicity Wilcox (soprano, mezzo soprano, chamber orchestra, 2010)*
[text by Marcus Whale]
– Vitality’s Circuit Grind by Lucy Kong (electronics, 2010)*
[text by Patrick Davies O’Sullivan]

1420018867_internt_web_technology-09-128  Kammerklang Vox CD available

*world premiere performance
+not available on Kammerklang Vox CD, available on Phases or Kammerklang Alpha


coming soon

Performance Art:

– New Dance Work by Louisa Poletti

Guest Artists:

Alison Morgan

Mezzo soprano: Jenny Duck-Chong


Conductor: Sadaharu Muramatsu
Assistant Conductor: Ulysses Amaral

Flute: Shaun Barlow
Oboe: Matthew Bubb
Clarinet: Peter Smith
Bassoon: Jakab Kaufmann
Horn: Michael Wray
Saxophone: Nathan Henshaw

Percussion: Morgan Merrell
Piano: Jack Symonds
Harp: Verna Lee

Violins: Davide Quincey, Ben Adler, Victor Wu, Elizabeth Stanton
Violas: Tara Hashambhoy, Luke Spicer
Cellos: Anthony Albrecht, Lucy Price
Double Bass: Brigitte Wirfler, Jenny Druery

Production Team:

Artistic Director: Cameron Lam
Curator: Stephanie Quirk
Graphic Designer: Luke Adrian Moseley
Logo Design:
Jesse Brown

Sound Engineer: Jayson McBride