Sample Sydney’s awesome art music scene – from electronics to chamber music – in a chilled out warehouse space.

Something Will Happen brings together Lamorna Nightingale, SPIRAL, Nicholas Russoniello and Elizabeth Jigalin to create musical buffet humming with originality and expression.

Four 20-minute sets are scattered throughout the night for a warehouse party with a difference in Kammerklang’s sonic speakeasy: the Barbiturates Warehouse Space in Marrickville. Let your hair down for this chill pub vibe, grab a drink, have a chat, it’s our job to excite and entertain you – not your job to be quiet.

Join us for a night out with Sydney’s artistic underbelly… Something Will Happen.

DateTuesday, August 13
Entry$30 / $20 (concession)
Venue4 Shepherd St, Marrickville

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Scesis Onomation (2018) – Rory Knott (6min)
This piece was inspired by the concept of repeating different words with very similar meanings.

Bixler 225 (2018) – Sarah Elise Thompson (12 min)
Over a summer spent at a US college, Sarah spent many hours in a particular practice room, ‘[playing] the same three chords over and over’ on a keyboard, absorbed in the effect this created while looking out over ‘New England pines trees and greenery’


Little Secret (2018) – Peggy Polias (time)
Little Secret is for concert flute, backing track, and gate effect.  The gate is applied to the backing track, rendering it silent until the flutist plays, triggering the gate to “open” and allow the backing track to sound.  The backing track is assembled from unreleased recordings by the composer, specifically a collection of 33 songs called Miniatures.  These recordings were made in the years 1999-2003 using voice, piano, guitar, general MIDI patches and sequencing, and a Minidisc recorder.  The flutist’s every gesture excavates and surfaces a fragment, but even when exposed the song fragments are obscured, with numerous songs layered to sound simultaneously.

These songs are my “little secret,” a significant body of work that I have concealed for the most part from public consumption, that served a very personal, almost journalistic purpose.  By revisiting these teenage-diary-like recordings I’m going against every instinct of artistic self-curation to publicise sounds that aren’t necessarily the highest quality of production or execution, ones that revisit quite vulnerable artistic impulses with a new layer of motivation.  This piece is part of doctoral research into the nature of secrecy and safety in sound, currently undertaken at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music under the supervision of Prof. Liza Lim as part of the Composing Women 2018-19 program.

Little Secret was composed especially for Lamorna Nightingale for this recording project. It is a simplified version of Secret, composed for NY flutist Claire Chase, for May 2018 workshops at the Sydney Conservatorium.  A further, extended version for Claire Chase is in progress in 2019.

Her Pockets Fukk of Inertia (2015) – Cat Hope (time)
Her Pockets full of Inertia is written for solo flute and flute choir. The flute choir is separated into into three groups, with some performers using a handheld  a.m. radio. A fourth part is for sub contra flute (which can be substituted with a very low keyboard).

The piece is named after a poem by Melbourne poet Claire Gaskin, and some of the words from it feature in the score to share a little of the poem with the players whilst they play. The work treats the poem as an inspiration for a sonic world, creating an eerie atmosphere of stasis and clouded sounds. The solo part provides a more literal use of the poem with some words even spoken through the flute, and draws thematic material from the choir parts.

The original flute choir version of the work was commissioned by Lamorna Nightingale for the NOW Flute ensemble and premiered at the Australian Flute Festival, Canberra, 4 October 2015. The solo flute version on this recording was created in 2017 and premiered at the Tilde Festival in 2019.


Improvisations (2019) by Elizabeth Jigalin (time)
Performing new soundtracks alongside a collection of her favourite old silent film shorts


Suite for Saxophone and Loop Station (2019) by Nick Russoniello (time)
Suite for Saxophones and Loop Station is a tour de force of instant composition. This virtuosic work is a layer by layer mash-up of musical influences as diverse as beatbox, reggae, minimalism, polyphony and groove.


<strong>LAMORNA NIGHTINGALE</strong>

Lamorna Nightingale is a freelance flautist, concert presenter, educator and publisher who is passionate about the future of art music in Australia. She is a core member of the new music group – Ensemble Offspring and has been performing with them since 2007. Lamorna has many years experience working in the orchestral sectors performing regularly with many of Australia’s finest ensembles. In January 2016 she performed with early music ensemble Brugge Anima Eterna at the Sydney Festival and then the Lincoln Centre in New York. Since 2017 Lamorna has curated and produced a new concert series dedicated to new music in Sydney ‘BackStage Music’.  Lamorna has created several recordings of new Australian flute music with repertoire selected to suit flute players with less experience with new music. This music is now widely performed by students and professionals Australia wide and internationally, transforming for many flute players their experience of new Australian music. She has recently created and album of new Australian music for flute and electronics with an associated education kit designed to introduce school students to electroacoustic music. Lamorna has also created several pedagogical volumes of repertoire for young flute players through her publishing company, ‘Fluteworthy’.


Spiral is a Sydney-based new music group of seven composer-performers, formed in 2016 by students at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Over the last 3 years, they have been invited to perform in concerts including Vivid Sydney, Backstage Music, and at 107 Projects, Redfern. In 2018, SPIRAL were invited to participate in a workshop with renowned US ensemble, Bang On A Can All Stars. The group have commissioned many new works both by its members and upcoming local composers. Characterised by their energetic performances and minimalist textures, SPIRAL aims to invigorate new music and engage audiences in unique, accessible concerts.

<strong>NICK RUSSONIELLO</strong>

Nick Russoniello, one of Australia’s most dynamic young artists, enjoys an exciting and varied performance career both in Australia and abroad. Nick has been the recipient of a number of major awards including the 2011 ABC Symphony Australia Young Performer of the Year and the 2013 Fine Music Kruger Scholarship. Nick has appeared as a soloist with the Adelaide, Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney Symphony Orchestras and The Metropolitan Orchestra. He has been guest with many of the nation’s leading chamber music groups including the Acacia Quartet, Omega Ensemble and the Sydney Camerata Quartet.

<strong>ELIZABETH JIGALIN</strong>

Over the past few years, Elizabeth has enjoyed falling down the rabbit hole of strange and beautiful silent films of the past and making music alongside them. Elizabeth has composed and performed live piano accompaniment for over 20 silent films as part of Australia’s Silent Film Festival. As part of the festival, Elizabeth has frequently collaborated with violinist Jane Aubourg and in 2017 they released “PhotoPlay” (album of soundtracks for 20th century avant-garde films).

Apart from putting on the silent film hat, Elizabeth loves to compose, make music part of ‘the music box project’, play the accordion and watch 30 Rock.

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